Maxime Bernier

"For too long, Canadian politics has been hijacked by interest groups, cartels, lobbies, international organisations, corporate or union interests, and the interests of politicians and bureaucrats in Ottawa who are disconnected from ordinary citizens.

This is why government never stops growing. Taxes and regulations never stop increasing. The Liberal government is out-of-control and out-of-touch. It has become unable to solve basic problems such as the migrant crisis and pipeline approval.

We see it in the way the old parties try to attract votes and support. Not by offering solutions that appeal to all Canadians. But by pandering to various groups and dividing Canadians into little tribes that can be bought with promises, privileges and taxpayers’ money.

The People’s Party of Canada will fight for the same fundamental values that I have put forward during my leadership campaign last year: Individual Freedom, Personal Responsibility, Fairness and Respect"

Mike Poulin

"This is a crucial time for the future of our nation and we need to get involved.  I wanted to be part of the movement. It is time to be moving with decisions that are based on values and not party.  Our values in the People’s Party of Canada are Individual Freedom, Personal Responsibility, Fairness and Respect"